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Does Drilling Ruin A Safe?

"Open Only" or "Open and Make Usable" People who hire me to open safes often make wrong assumptions. The first clue that a caller is has been making wrong assumptions comes when I ask, "Do you just want it opened, or do you want it opened and made usable again?" Upon hearing this, many callers react with surprise or confusion. The misconception many people have seems to be that not only can I open every safe by some magical process in which I divine unknown combinations, but when the door finally swings the safe is ready to go back into service with no further work . . . wrong. While it's true that some safes can be opened without damage, many can't be opened thus. First you need to understand that there are different ways to open safes: Manipulation: This is the James Bond/Jimmy Valentine/Raffles type of safe opening . . . The tuxedo-clad operator steals away from the cocktail party to the upstairs study, goes unerringly to the saf