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Safe Bash! Treasure In Old Safes

Safe Bash! Ken Dunckel Owner, Safecracker Safe and Vault Opening, SF Bay Area and Northern California 415-203-7298 Safe-opening party themes have caught on. I just helped out with another one, but the one I'll tell you about here happened a few years ago, in the days before reality shows caught on. Barry, a lover of antiques, memorabilia, and good times, was hosting a Roaring Twenties Chicago gangland-style Saturday soiree for forty. Party theme: "Come See Barry's Antique Safe Get Opened." Barry supplied speakeasy, hooch, and safe; I catered the safe-opening services. Barry's Safe Bash was to be at his home in Marin County, just north of San Francisco over the fog-shrouded Golden Gate Bridge. Marin County was once portrayed in a much-protested pseudo-factual TV documentary ( "I Want It All Now" ) as a place populated mostly by New Age Airheads Who Frolic In Hot Tubs While Tickling Each Other With Peacock