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What Not To Tell Your Safecracker

Too Much Information, Too Little Information, and Just Plain Wrong Things To Say When you decide to call someone like me to open your safe, there are a few things that are better left unsaid. The most important pieces of information are those that help us identify the safe by make, model, and rating or class. This is because there are boxes, and there are boxes. We know that most people who look at a safe see nothing but a box, maybe with a dial, maybe with a push button keypad, maybe with a keyhole, and maybe even with two of the those three items. But that doesn't help as much as if we can get more than just that. There are a handful of details that someone who knows what to ask will find helpful to know. When I know more than "a big old black safe" I can often tell you exactly how much you will pay me for the result you want me to supply. And that's usually the main question anyway. Lacking any useful information about the safe, people who call for pricing