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Safe Boobytraps: Tear Gas and Unknown Contents

Safe Protectors

When people acquire locked safes, the most natural reaction is wanting to know what's inside.

Let me be the first to tell you:
Old or new, most locked-up safes acquired without combinations will prove to be empty.

Obviously there are exceptions, but for the most part you shouldn't expect to find someone's valuable forgotten/abandoned stash of money, jewelry, or whatever.

True enough, the only way to know for sure is to open it and do a thorough inspection. It's also a fact that a small percentage of such safes do have contents.

Until you know, the answer to the "what's inside?" question is "anything that fits." Contents really can be anything, ranging from worthless to worthwhile.

No matter what opening process you choose, though, be careful the first time the door swings. Just as a locked safe can hold valuables, it can also hold dangerous things. What follows here might have you thinking twice about tearing it open yourself,…