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How To Get Safe Opening Prices

Ken Dunckel Safecracker Safes and Vaults Opened and Repaired San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California 415-203-7298 CA License 1985 CA Contractor License 553337 "How much do you charge to open a safe?" This is one of the most common questions I hear. The answer is there are as many prices as there are safes, and there are a lot of safes. It's like asking a garage owner "How much do you charge to fix a car?" You are going to have to supply more information before the garage owner can even begin to tell you. Make, model, year, and the nature of the problem. That makes sense, right? It's the same with safes, but here's the frustrating part. The majority of people can rattle off a list of every car they ever owned; make, model, year, color, and what have you, and they can do it from memory. This is pretty good when you think about it, given that so many people change cars several times or more through their adult car-owning lives. No