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How To Buy A Safe

Ken Dunckel Owner, Safecracker Safe and Vault Opening, SF Bay Area and Northern California 415-203-7298

Here are a few things to consider if you're in the market for a safe. What follows here isn't a complete and comprehensive list of considerations. That will vary from buyer to buyer. Think of this as a starting point.

You should get the best safe you can afford, and you should buy it from a company that services what they sell. (Hint: Try calling Costco, WalMart, Sam's Club, or Office Depot and ask to be connected to the Service Department.)

Type of Protection:
Think . . . What am I protecting?
Documents, cash, valuables, or all three?
What is the biggest concern? Fire, theft, or both?
There are fire-rated safes, burglary-rated safes, and safes with dual ratings (fire and burglary). Your best bet is to get a safe that has a UL Rating for fire, burglary, or, better still, both. Any such safe will bear a UL label attesting to the rating of the unit. The UL r…