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Do It Yourself: How To Open Your Safe

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In the past month I've followed the work of two misinformed do-it-yourselfers.

1) A property owner found a safe left behind by the previous resident. Not only was it in the way of the remodeling, he was curious about whether there were contents. A contractor doing work there assured the owner that he could open the safe.
Long story short: The contractor failed. He didn't give up until after doing grievous damage to the safe with hammers and grinders. In other words, a safe that could have been opened with zero to minimal damage and made usable was reduced to a piece of unrepairable junk.

After paying me to open it, the owner had to have it hauled out and scrapped.

This was a clear-cut case of "contractor machismo." Plenty of able-bodied guys with pickup trucks and job boxes full of heavy construction…