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Safe Signage

Making Sense of Safe Signage and  Labels

What does it all mean?
When someone calls a safe company about solving a safe lockout, the first thing the safe company
needs to know is the safe maker's name. After that, model, rating, and a small handful
of other questions arise.
In the Bad Old (pre-phone camera and texting) Days, this meant a protracted Question/Answer session that
usually left one or both parties frustrated and annoyed. Nowadays, safe techs who have
experienced the exquisite anguish of the safe and vault Question/Answer Game have come to regard texted

digital photos as huge timesavers. Painted maker names, cities, etc.
if the maker's name is painted on, it will usually be painted on the door. The names that so often
appear on the frame over the door are (usually) not safe makers' names. Back in The Day it was a
standard frill on the purchase to offer safes personalized with owners' names.

Painted illustrations
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Morning At The Bar

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