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Send In The Clowns: Safe Comedians

Make Me Laugh? (Some of the stuff here reprises of previous comments, some not) Hiring a safe technician to open a safe or seeing one at work awakens the frustrated Inner Stand-Up Comedian in many people. Understandable, I guess. It's usually their first contact with a safecracker, and most customers don't have a clue what to expect. All they have to go on is what they know from movies and television. Their questions and comments reflect this. In the name of diplomacy, service vendors like me have to politely grin and bear it. But sometimes those in my line of work fantasize about some of the retorts we could make, especially to the more clueless and unmannerly people. In fact, I have to confess that depending on circumstances and customer, sometimes I give in to the urge. "Are you going to use dynamite?" Or, "Are you going to blow it up?" You have no idea how much I'd like that. Or Is that what you want? (A few years ago a friend in th