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Gun Safe "Failures"

Copyright 2014 By Ken Dunckel Safecracker Expert Safe and Vault Service in the San Francisco Bay Area 415-203-7298 Did The Safe Fail? Gun safes are perhaps the best example of unrealistic expectations. I recently declined a job that involved a steel gun safe that was breached by burglars, who used a cutting wheel to make a large rectangular hole in one side and extract the contents. In the safe owner's eyes this constituted a gross failure on the part of the safe. His lawyer wanted me to support the claim that the safe failed. If I had taken the lawyer up on that job and gone to court to support that claim, somebody on the other side would have had a field day cutting my testimony to pieces. Based on what I knew, the safe did not fail. It wasn't designed to hold off an attack like that. The safe owner's complaint was like the man who buys a VW bug and later complains that it failed miserably when he entered it in the INDY 500.
Seemingly everyone has different expectation…