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Safe Combinations On File

Ken Dunckel Safecracker Safe and Vault Service SF Bay Area and Northern CA CA License 1985 CA Contractor 553337 415-203-7298 Is Your Safe Combination "On File?" Lots of people whose safe combinations are lost/unknown ask me if there is some "master override" combination, or some "reset code" that either I or they can enter, open their safe, and return it to service. The answer is yes for some safes, no for others. Sometimes there is a combination that might be usable. It all depends on the safe make, the safe maker's policy around this sort of thing, and the lock installed on the safe. If your safe has a mechanical dial: (That is, a numbered dial that must be turned a varying number of times in alternating directions to open the lock.) Forgive me if I over-explain this. I just went through hell on the telephone yesterday with a lady who could not comprehend the concept of push-button electronic safe locks vs. mechanical. Depending on t