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Not A Star Follow-up & Real Entertainment

There was a pause in communications after my semi-decline to the producer, then he detailed a lady to contact me as a follow-up. She was real nice. I reaffirmed my unwillingness to be a subject, then gave her the names of a couple of industry people I know who have already participated in such productions. If they like what she tells them one or both of them might go for it. You might be seeing them in the future if these producers can put something watchable together. Do you want some real safe and vault entertainment? A friend of mine designs and builds safes. A while ago he resurrected an old concept, (a bolt-together, assemble-on-site high security safe) improving it hugely, to the point of patentability, and went to market. That's not the entertainment part, though. Go to and click on the part about Modul-X and watch the video of the safe getting attacked with all manner of very potent military weaponry at a Russian military base. This is real stuff yo