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Safe Problem Prevention

By Ken Dunckel Owner, Safecracker Safe and Vault Opening & Repair San Francisco Bay Area nd Northern California CA License 1985 CA Contractor 553337 415-203-7298 The following suggestions can prevent safe problems and unnecessary expense. Don't spin the dial when locking or before opening. This is the same as spinning your tires every time you leave the curb. It doesn't "clear" anything or get the lock "in the mood." Dial spinning does increase the chance for breakage/malfunction, and it makes the lock wear faster. Don't pressure the handle that moves the bolts until the lock is open. Lots of users put hand pressure on safe handles as they work the lock. Doing so increases the chances for binds, stresses the locks. With time and repetition, this can create some really strange problems. When locking, don't touch or pressure the handle that moves the bolts until the door is fully closed and the