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How To Open A Safe: Safecracking Scenes

Safecracking Scenes: How To Get A Safe Cracked

or, Bill & Ted's Excellent Safecracking Job By Ken Dunckel Owner, Safecracker SF Bay Area and Northern California 415-203-7298
Situation: Business partners Bill & Ted move into a new location:

Bill: Whoa, dude, somebody (previous tenant) left a safe here!
Jeez, it's big . . . is it open?

Ted: No.

Bill: Can we find the combination? Maybe . . .
Let's see if we can hook up with the last tenant, maybe they'll tell us.

Ted: I found out who they were; but nobody remembers the numbers . . . shit.
I found the old owners. Someone gave me some numbers, but they don't work . . . shit.

Possible Reasons:
The numbers are wrong
The correct dialing sequence is unknown (it can vary).
The numbers might be right but the lock is broken.
Can't find the previous owner; nobody knows where they went
to. Bill: Well, even if we can't use it, I want to see if anything's inside. Normal enough, right?


Can't find the p…