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Safe Openings For Estates

Estate Safe Openings   A common type of job that people in my industry get hired to do is opening a safe at a home or business after the owner has died.   Usually we're contacted by the person or people handling the affairs of the deceased.     Combination Available, Not Working Sometimes it's as simple as "Before my father died he gave us the combination to his safe, but we can't get it open."   This is (usually) an easy one: You're probably dialing the correct numbers, but dialing incorrectly. If you know the combination is correct, chances of this are very good. I know, I know, you're not a fool, you know right from left, and you've been dialing slowly and carefully. But the chances are nevertheless very good that you've been dialing slowly, carefully, and incorrectly.   Most people who don't operate safe dials on a regular basis misinterpret simple dialing instructions, then proceed to apply incorrect dialing