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Will Opening My Safe Destroy It?

If you want to se a good video about why you shouldn't buy a low end safe to protect your valuables, visit the Rogue Safe web site ( Rogue Safe is a company in Medford, Oregon. The owner has a good demonstration video of two men using primitive but highly effectives tools and methods to open an outwardly impressive-looking safe. Watch it before you buy anything. Will the locksmith or safe technician I hire to open my safe ruin it? a) Not if the safe is in decent condition before the opener starts. Even most malfunctioning safes can be repaired once they're opened professionally. b) Not if the safe opener has the knowledge, tools, and necessary skills. Think about it -- anyone can destroy most safes with enough time, access to destructive tools, and some determination. If people in my business were no better than that we wouldn't have any demand for our services. A skilled and well-equipped safe tech will leave you with a usable safe (after any neede