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Gun Safe Security

Copyright 2012 by Ken Dunckel Safecracker Serving San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California CA License 1985 CA Contractor 553337 415-203-7298 Gun Safes and User Expectations One of the biggest mistakes gun safe owners make is expecting too much from their safes. If you buy a gun safe to store a collection of expensive long guns and handguns, you're doing the right thing safety-wise. If there are children in the home, any firearms need to be stored where a kid can't lay hands on them; no brainer, right? Second, an owner doesn't want to lose one or all of his or her weapons in a burglary. Firearms are popular theft items. Losing personal property is hurtful enough, but it's more disturbing to think yet another nice handgun will end up in the hands of some lowlife. Fact: Most residential burglars don't come equipped with the knowledge or tools needed to defeat a safe that can't be carried off. That last comm