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Safecracking: Negotiable or Not?

Safecrackers and locksmiths are the plumbers of the security industry This will be short and sweet. What is it that prompts people calling for pricing on work they want done to immediately begin chiseling the price downward? In other words, when you go into a restaurant and sit down for a look at the menu, is the first thing you tell your waiter "I'm in the mood for your filet of sole dinner, but $22.95 is a little high . . . will you give it to me for $18.00?" Or "Wow, $22.95 for the filet of sole? I was in restaurant last week and they only wanted $17.95." Then you look up expectantly and wait to hear a price that more closely approximates the price you paid for filet of sole dinner at a different place. No, I don't think you do this. We all know this will get you the bum's rush, because your waiter just handed you a menu upon which the prices have been printed beforehand for all to see. Most restaurant menus don't have a banner a