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Discount Safecracking?

More Than I Paid! Ken Dunckel Owner, Safecracker Safe and Vault Opening, SF Bay Area and Northern California 415-203-7298 "You want more to open my safe than I paid for it!" I hear that a lot. While it's often true, it's also true that my labor charges have nothing to do with what you paid for your safe. That is, unless there's some rule that says my charges must always be lower than what you paid to own it. Where is that written? Pretend you acquired a locked safe for free. If the rule that I can't charge more than you paid for it is in effect, would I have to pay you to let me open it? Shocked callers often fail to acknowledge that this is my living, not my hobby. When I visit people's homes and businesses to do my work, I don't take appraising looks at their cars, homes, or stores, then announce that they get paid too much for whatever it is they do. Q & A The big box store

A Fly On The Wall . . . Observations While Working On Safes

©2012 by Ken Dunckel Safecracker Safe and Vault Service  SF Bay Area & Northern CA 415-203-7298 A Fly On The Wall Observations while working on safes . . . Because of the work I do and where I do it, I get exposed to a lot of different work environments. I get to see what people do (and don't do) in their daily work, hear them talking about topics that interest them. As a self-employed individual, one of the things I envy about some people's job situations is the benefit packages. Especially government jobs. People in government (city, county, state, Federal) jobs might not be getting rich  at the work, but it seems (with some notable exceptions) that if you land that government job at almost any level, you're (generally) in a much better situation than people working in the private sector. Once a worker has passed probation and is settled into the job, there are things like paid health care, paid sick leave and vacations, employee r