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Tahoe Mystery Casino Safe

Ken Dunckel Owner, Safecracker 415-203-7298 Serving the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California Last Friday (August 26) a lady named Annette Lassen called and introduced herself as a Segment Producer for LMNO, a television production company. She dropped the Oprah Winfrey Network name during the first sentence or two, saying her company wanted to hire me to open the "mystery safe" found during demolition work at a former casino at Lake Tahoe, and that her company wanted to do some video of the work. She sketched the circumstances: Former casino owner killed by a car bomb in 1968, murder not solved, suspected organized crime involvement (ya think?), locked safe found behind a wall in the old casino building owned by the victim. Supposedly there had been several unsuccessful tries at opening the safe before Annette called me, but my thinking is that it only proved they hadn't been willing to hire a real safe tech. The thinking was that