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Safe Opening: Money Is Never "No Object"

How do I even know that the person who hires me to open a safe actually owns it? This is most worrisome when it involves residential calls I get at night. For Instance: A caller from a residence needs to have a safe in a home opened, and right away. I never know if the caller actually owns the safe or if Aunt Mary's crackhead nephew is taking advantage of the fact that Aunt Mary is traveling, or in the hospital, or whatever. After all, it's work, and we all need to work. And work of the of the service-to-your door genre commands higher fees in almost any night, weekend, or holiday situation. So of course I'm interested. Typically I ask a lot more questions of residential safe owners on night work than I might in the daytime: What's the matter with it? Do you know the combination numbers? Is it one that you open on a regular basis? When was the last time it opened successfully? Are you sure you're entering the combination correctly? What is the maker