Safe Opening . . Needed: Access to the Work

Think a little bit before hiring a safe technician to come and work on your safe. (In case you're keeping track, I've already written about what follows here.)

He or she isn't a furniture mover or a garage and basement organizer.

Typically we need some space in front of and around a safe in order to work comfortably. The more, the better.

I know this isn't always possible, but if the safe is buried in a garage or surrounded by a lot of other stuff that has to be moved before I can go to work safely and/or comfortably, think about getting it out of the way before, not when the safe technician arrives.

If your safe is hard to get to or buried under other belongings, and you don't make this known before getting price for the needed work, think about paying more for the work.

Even if you opt to move the stuff for me, it means I have to wait around while you do it before I can get to work. The time I have to wait wasn't really factored into the price I gave you unless you made this known to me when I gave you pricing.

Does the above sound petty, grumpy, or just plain money-grubbing?

Maybe, but people like me have a limited number of hours to sell every work day. Why would I want to stand around for free when I could be somewhere else, earning my living on work I can begin immediately?

This goes for anyone else you hire. If difficult conditions exist, make it known beforehand.


Note to readers: Please feel free to comment and post your thoughts about this and any of my posts. Don't worry, I'm pretty thick-skinned. Thanks.


Mike Ridpath said…
Not really related with the topic, but where do you learn to become a safecracker if you decide to go into safes instead of traditional locksmithing?

I live in Washington state I was hoping to find an apprenticeship, but I can't find anything.
Anonymous said…
Good for you for keeping to your values.

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