Solving Safe Problems . . . More Simple Solutions

Electronic Safe Lock Just Won't Open
a) You know the combination is correct
b) You know the battery is the right kind and it's fresh

Sometimes it's super simple: Have you ever parked your car with one of the wheels hard againnst the curb? Sure you have.

Remember how you had to twist the steering wheel hard to take the pressure off before you could even turn the ignition key? That happened because the pressure of the front wheel against the curb put pressure on the steering system, including the steering column lock.

Result? Ignition key won''t turn until you relieve the pressure.

Something very similar happens with safes, and especially safes with certain types of digital/electronic locks. Users either stuff them so full that they have to give a shove before the door will close fully, or don't notice when something inside the safe gets in the jamb before they close the door.

Either way, this prevents the door bolts from extending all the way to lock fully. This in turn can transfer pressure to the electronic lock, and it ends up being like the front wheel of your car hard against the curb.

Try This:
1) If your safe has a handle that extends and retracts the door bolts, hold pressure on the handle in the direction of locking (not unlocking) while you enter the combination. This will relieve any pressure that might be keeping the lock from working.

2) If your safe has no handle, just the lock, use your hand or your foot to push the door as far closed as possible -- it doesn't have to be much. While keeping that pressure constant, enter the combination and see if the door opens after you do it.

If either of the suggestions works, look closely around the door jamb and door sill to see if something inside the safe is was the way and preventing full door closure and/or bolt extension.


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