Safe Service Obstacle Course

People, when you're expecting someone to come and visit your place to do service of any kind, think first.

Will whoever is coming have physical access?

This is especially true with a safe. Today I visited a guy whose safe was in the garage. Not uncommon. However, to get in front of it I had to climb over an exercise machine, move small items of furniture and also a large television screen. Then I had to go outside get a heavy tool case, and renegotiate the obstacle course. In order to leave I had to repeat the obstacle course in reverse.

It wasn't impossible, but definitely annoying, not to mention the fact that it's easy to trip fall, drop something heavy, or knock some other object over. If I damage something on a job, I have potential liability. If I get hurt or my tools get damaged on a job, the owner has potential liability.

The only defense against such "extras" is to stop and tell customers they must create access before the job begins, or tell them there's a surcharge if the service person must do it.

And nobody likes unexpected surcharges, do they?


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