How To Hire A Safecracker

When you have a problem opening your safe and you need service, think "Safes" or "Safe and Vault Opening & Repair" when you go to the Yellow Pages to search.

Not all locksmiths handle safe work. Some do handle it and are very good at it.

Some don't, and will tell you so.

Some locksmiths who don't do much of it and are not too good at what little they do will visit, try a few ineffective ploys, possibly do some needless damage, then tell you they can't do it. Many of these outfits will still try to charge for showing up, trying, and failing. This is only okay if they let you know before the fact that they will levy a charge for showing up and not doing what you you hired them for, but you need to agree to it.

Otherwise I could advertise in any field I don't know much about, take calls from people needing things done, then show up and waste (a little or a lot) of time, then tell them I can't do what they want but I'll have to collect some money for coming and determining that fact.

So you're better advised to start your search under the right heading.

How Much Does It Cost To Open A Safe?

Probably the most-asked question. Safe opening prices around the country have a wide range.

Depending on the safe and the problem, opening prices can range from under a hundred bucks up into thousands.

This is because there are different types of safes, and varying degrees of resistance to opening.

When you call a safe company to ask, it's helpful to know a few facts about your safe.
Otherwise it's the same as asking the auto mechanic "how much does it cost to fix a car?" Not much to go on, is it?

Maker's Name:
You'll (usually) see the maker name on the door somewhere, either painted on or on a label or one of the escutcheons.

What is it about this? It's always something of a surprise when a person who has owned and used his or her safe for five, ten, or even more years doesn't remember the maker's name on the safe door. Most people can remember the make model, color, and year of every car they've owned since getting their driver's licenses.

Metal tags: If present, they're usually riveted to the safe door. These often are imprinted with information that's potentially important to the person you're asking. It might be specific model information, or it might be UL fire or burglary information.

If you can't bring the phone to safe and answer questions while you're standing in front of it, copy everything on the label. Don't just tell the safe company "I see a label but the writing is real small." That's no help at all. Look closely with a flashlight and a magnifier and copy the info accurately before calling.

What's the Problem?

Lost/unknown combination?

Sudden breakage or malfunction?

Getting harder and harder to open?

Attempted burglary?

The list of possible problems goes on, but you get the picture.

Again, it's tough to answer the "how much to open?" question without information about the problem.

More on this later.


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